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There's one question today: how can I change my Shopify URL structure? Shopify has a default structure for product page, collection page, for card and check out. We can modify all these things as part of our requirements, I'll go one by one with some examples. Consider this is the product, when I view this product you can see there is an already predefined structure that is the domain name slash products, I can change only the last part of the URL. From the URL and handle section, I can change only the last part. The same thing happens for collection pages, if we go to any collection page, you can see we can change the handle of that collection, we do not have to change the structure that is already predefined for all the collection pages, to see all collections, just type "all" after "collections" and you will find all the products on the page. Now I'm also showing how the card page and the check out page work. As you see is the same, you can only change the product URL at the end of the link.

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Shopify Tutorial: Change URL

Step 1: Go to the product you want to change its URL

Go to the product you want to change its URL

Shopify has a predefined URL for its websites, we cannot change that structure but we can change the last part of the URL, the part that actually corresponds to the product or collection.

Step 2: Go to the product edit site

So to do that, go to your product edit section, and open the product edit site.

Step 3: Click on “Edit Website SEO”

Once you are in the product edit site, scroll down to find “Edit Website SEO” and click on it.

Step 4: Customize the URL

Customize the URL

Here you will be able to edit the URL of the product and you can do this with every single product or collection of your site.


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