Does Shopify have a backend to edit? Shopify Tutorial

The question is: does Shopify have a backend like CPanel where you can edit and modify HTML files, upload files, change the code/script, etcetera? As you can fully customize your site. The short answer is: yes. Shopify does not allow you backend access as in a hosting where you have a CPanel and you keep added the server, but in the case of Shopify is its only server. But if you wanna do change your own code, for example, you can definitely do that with Shopify. So Shopify uses liquid which is a language that it has developed for its sites, so if you wanna add your own Javascript file, your own CSS, etcetera, all you have to do is going to your home menu and go to "Customize theme". If you go to "Actions", you'll see "Edit code", open it and you can see all the layouts and templates that can be enabled in your Shopify page, also you can see sections, snippets, assets, config files and also locales. So here all the files can be copied into your Shopify store, so if you want to customize something, you definitely can do that. If you want to add a Javascript file, for example, you can add it if you click on "add a new Section" or "add a new Snippet" depending on your needings. I'm gonna show you a little bit how it looks like, it's like a mixture between the HTML and PHP, so if you want to know how to do that, you can dive in to see how Shopify works and how to customize it.

Shopify Tutorial: Does Shopify have a backend to edit?

Step 1: Go to “Customize theme”

Go to “Customize theme”

This button is sited in the Home page of your Shopify admin site.

Step 2: Click on “Edit code”

Click on “Edit code”

“Edit code” is an option displayed in the drop down list by clicking on “Actions” option, you can also click on “Download theme file” if you prefer a preset design.

Step 3: Browse into the multiple folders

Browse into the multiple folders

Here you have all the layout, Templates, Sections, Snippets, Assets, Config and Locales files, remember that .Liquid is an open source template language created by Shopify and it’s like a mix between CSS and HTML.

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