Pickup Option Shopify Tutorial

This is a Shopify tutorial on how to create a pick up option during checkout, for customers.

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Tutorial: Changing Background Color Squarespace


Step 1: Open the inspector tool

Open the inspector tool

Hover on the element and right click it to display a list of tools, here you’ll have to click on “Inspect element”.

Step 2: Copy the “id=block” code

Once you have opened the inspector tool, you can hover on the element in your site, this will highlight the element’s “class”, this will be helpful to find the “id=block”, once you’ve found it, double click it to select the entire code and press (Control+C) to copy.

Step 3: Click on "Design"

Go to the left options panel and click on design, if you have problems to find this panel, go to the upper left corner, there you will see a clickable arrow button, click it and that should display the left options panel.

Step 4: Click on "Custom CSS"

Once you’ve clicked on “Design” in the previous step, some new options will be displayed, here you have to click on “Custom CSS”.

Step 5: Paste the id and enter the code

Paste the id and enter the code

Here you have to write # and then paste the Id you’ve copied from step 2, then you’ll have to open curly brackets and enter the background code, such as this.

#block-357cb794a9fdc70ceef1 {

background: red;



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