Product Type Vendor and Tags Shopify Tutorial


We got one question: can anybody explain me about product type, vendor and tags? To explain this I'm taking a reference site that is This is an ink cartridge website where we have divided many products by categories and tags. We have an example of this product, there is vendor, product type and also we have many tags. I'm going to explain you how these three things work together in this site. Before going further, I'm going to give a brief explain description of each concept. Product type is the category that belongs to the item, in this case an ink cartridge. The vendor is the company that makes the product, in this case is Lexmark. Tags are the words that are related to the products. Now I'm showing you how these properties give a benefit to our website. If we go to "Printer supplies" you can see this product and if you open this product directly you can see the vendor and the product type. Now I'm going to the collection section and if we add a tag there will be a filter that fits with that. In this case, I used "hot deals" tag and all the products that are related to that words are shown, you can see the Lexmark ink cartridge is there because that tag has been added to it before. Now let's go to the other question added: If I have defined a product type as "vanities", can I have the same name tag added "Vanities" in tags? It is completely up to you if you want to add the same names for both elements, there won't be any problem if you do it.

Shopify Tutorial: Product Type Vendor and Tags

Step 1: Product type

“Product type” is basically the category that fits into the product, in this case, the product is an Ink Cartridge, so, you will be able to use this category to group all those products that are similar in that way.

Step 2: Vendor


The “Vendor” is the original supplier of the product, in this case Lexmark is the supplier, consider that the customers usually have a related vendor in mind when they look for a product, this option will help you to organize your products by supplier/vendor.

Step 3: Tags


Tags are especially useful to the customers to find related products and filter those which fits in their needs such as models, sizes, colors, vendors, functions, among others. It is completely valid to use vendors and products types as a tag.

Step 4: Browsing by tag

Browsing by tag

In this example you can see that I used “Z735” tag and it shows me only the products related to that “model/tag”.

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